Tornado: Taxon Organization from RNA Dataset Operations

Click here for a video tutorial on how to use Tornado.

arrow Remove short sequences from FASTA sequence file

This tool removes short sequences from a FASTA file, given a specified threshold.

arrow Merge NAST/SILVA and Infernal alignments

This tool merges two corresponding NAST/SILVA and Infernal alignments into one file.

arrow Dereplicate a FASTA file

This tool dereplicates a FASTA file using 100% sequence identity. That is, clones are removed from the sequences. In addition it generates a names file for Mothur and a file with two columns that can be used for Unifrac.

arrow Get ranked OTU abundances from clustering data

This tool will retrieve the rank abundance data from the clustered OTU data. The output of the program is a simple text data file containing the ranked (sorted) abundance distribution of the OTUs at a given percent similarity.

arrow Do histogram binning of OTU abundances

This tool will do adaptive histogram binning of your data into a chosen number of bins.

arrow Replace sequence tags with taxon names in a tree file

This tool replaces the sequence tags in a Newick formatted phylogenetic tree file with taxon names provided by a taxonomic classifier such as the RDP Classifier.

arrow Perform scaling analysis on a tree

This tool performs a topological analysis of a phylogenetic tree.

arrow Generate distance matrix from sequence data using CBD

This tool will generate a upper triangle distance matrix from sample sequence datasets using CBD (compression-based distance).

arrow Additional downloads

Download our hand curation, clustering and sequence distance tools.

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