Rank abundance data from clustered OTUs


This program will retrieve the rank abundance data from the clustered OTU data. When you hit submit you will receive a simple text data file containing the ranked (sorted) abundance distribution of the OTUs at a given percent similarity.

For instance, your output data might look like the following:


This would indicate that the most abundant OTU occurs 233 times in your data. The second most abundant OTU occurs 127 times in your data, etc.

Input Form

Input your clustered OTU data:
This should be a file you received from the RDP's pyrosequencing complete linkage clustering tool. The file has a set of clusterings of the data for different cluster distances, which correspond to OTU sequence identity threshold

Percent sequence identity threshold:  
Enter an integer between 0 and 100. Do not enter a percent sign. This should be one of the cluster distances included in the input file.

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