Tree Processor


This page takes a Newick formatted tree, coming from a phylogenetic tree creating software, such as RAxML, and changes the tags naming the sequences with biologically sensible names that you provide, such as genus or family names.

This script requires a tree file in Newick format, and a 2-column text file with the replacements. An example of the text file is:

1103200843536_1 Ruminococcaceae
1103200848603_1 Ruminococcaceae
1103200848613_1 Lachnospiraceae
1103200848655_1 Lachnospiraceae
1103206141248_1 Lachnospiraceae
1103200820000_1 Carnobacteriaceae
1101352049895_1 Carnobacteriaceae
1101352050108_1 Carnobacteriaceae

Input Form

* denotes mandatory parameters

Tree file*:
Replacement file*:

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